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Flynn Ranch History

Flathead Indians between White Sulphur Springs and Townsend, Montana - Spring 1887.  The Flynn Ranch is in the background.

The Flynn Ranch of Townsend, Montana is a 5th generation "Working Ranch", steeped in the tradition of the old West yet progressive and innovative so to remain economically viable in the fast-paced times of space travel and the internet. The ranch has roots extending far into the past, settled by Jefferson and Anthony Sharp in 1873. Anthony's stepson Claude Flynn then started cutting grass hay with horse drawn mowers, baling it with a stationary baler and hauling it with wagons to the railroad for transport. Electricity reached the ranch in 1940 which led to refrigeration replacing the 'icebox'. As the ranch has evolved over the years with the passing of generations and the additions of property and improvements, it has in essence become bigger than the sum of its parts. Those of us following in the footsteps of the pioneers have truly large boots to fill.  T

The Flynn Ranch is located adjacent to the Missouri River where the Lewis & Clark Expedition traveled in 1805. 

  Click on picture to enlarge route the Lewis & Clark Expedition traveled in our area.

Montana is full of Western History!  Easily within driving distance of the Flynn Ranch.

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The following photos were all taken on the Flynn Ranch:

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